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Tom Berge from Minneapolis came down with his RV7A (C/S prop and O-360 engine) for transition training. I live in northern Iowa, which made it practical for him to fly down and spend a day and a half. His presence was worth every penny. He is an enthusiastic Van's design man and does pre purchase inspections as well as help others in his EAA Chapter build. When not in the training mode he was more than happy to look over my RV9A and offer advice. To my surprise, in about 15 minutes we had the elevators disassembled to find out why the control was so stiff. The key to the problem was in the horizontal stab center hinge bearing washer placement. After he left the area I followed his advice and completed the same adjustment at the control column. Now the elevators assume an aircraft nose up position since the mass balances are not inhibited by friction.

He has the ability to look at the plane, know what can be improved and what is not right. He noted that the aileron control pushrods were binding and showed me how to test and correct for this problem. He spotted a few screws without nuts and loose jam nuts.

He stayed the night here and he had the energy to instruct and work on my plane. His philosophy is that when he is paid for a day he fills the day (about 12 hours) with instruction and advice. Over dinner he shared more knowledge about iPad and demonstrated use of digital charts.

As a flight instructor he is superb. Knows the plane and quickly gets to know the student. He is patient yet very thorough in sticking to the lesson plan. He was able to assess and
efficiently assist me through any difficulties I had which made learning stall and landing techniques informative. He is an engaging instructor that made the entire process informative and enjoyable. We spent a considerable amount of time on ground instruction so that no time in the air was wasted. Every flight increased my confidence in the plane and my ability to control this aircraft. He emphasizes the differences between the manufactured planes we have all trained on and the flight characteristics of the RV7A. These points he demonstrated with precision and taught me to fly in the same manner. He left me with the feeling that I was well prepared to safely fly my 9A. Now I just hope the weather improves for my first flight.

- Bob Federhofer, Waterloo, IA.


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Hi Tom,

I just wanted to let you know I have my RV-7A flying. All went well with the only problem I had was the elevator trim hooked up backwards. It took awhile to get through the final inspections and the DAR sign off . I now have 5 plus hours. I really enjoyed the training with you and willingness to let me make mistakes. The part I remember the best is you reminding me to be patient with the flare on landings. This has immensely helped my landings.

- Steve Kiekover, Spring Lake, MI


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