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transition |tranˈzi sh ən; -ˈsi sh ən|the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

After a considerable investment in time and money, every RV builder looks forward to the completion of their project. Years of construction effort, time away from family and friends, and financial sacrifice yield to the anticipation of finally owning and flying a delightful yet practical aircraft. It's a time of transition from RV builder, to RV owner and pilot. 

Regardless of your aviation background, whether a low time private pilot or experienced professional, the safe transition into a proficient RV pilot should not be taken lightly. Van's RV sport aircraft are noteworthy for their excellent handling characteristics and acclaimed performance. But they are a little different from the average light airplane that most pilots are familiar with. Most insurance companies have recognized that fact and now require a course of transition training prior to coverage.

Minneapolis-based certified flight instructor Tom Berge offers a transition training course based on his 20 years of RV building and flying experience. It is designed to bring you to the level of proficiency required of a safe and competent RV pilot. Training is conducted in N369TB, a IFR-equipped 180-horsepower RV-7A flying out of the Crystal Airport.

Tom is also available for RV ferry service nationwide as well as pre-buy inspections of RV aircraft.

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